Monday, September 21, 2009

Playing catch up

Hello fellow bloggers! I have been on a 3 week (or something close to that) hiatus, so I am trying to get back into the swing of things. Let me give everyone a quick summary of our world starting with the most recent and ending with photo's from our East Coast vacation. This past weekend I had a craft night with the girls on Saturday, and Jett spend the night with gramma. I always have a hard time letting him stay overnight, but I survived, and he was having so much fun he wouldn't even talk to me:( I got his scrapbook all caught up, made a cute diaper wipe case for a friend, and made a tutu and two bows for 2 other friends' birthdays. Here is a quick photo of the tutu. So cute!

On Sunday, Jett and I met Abby and Amy at the park. The kiddo's enjoyed eating (and feeding each other) snow cones. As you can see by how filthy they are, they thoroughly enjoyed them. Even when mixed with sand...ewe!

On the 15th, Amy and I went to see the Circus concert by Britney Spears. It was amazing. Now I can officially say that I know what a 50 million dollar extravaganza looks like. This is us before the show. By the way, the show was only an hour and a half long. Seriously?!? Gimme More!!

On Labor Day my mom and I took Jett to the Tulsa Zoo. It was so hot, but Jett enjoyed riding the train a hundred million times:)

And last, but not least, vacation pics!!
Savannah, GA

My family on Tybee Island

Feeding the gators and watching the dolphins play!

North Carolina visit. Kirstin and I have been friends since we were Jett's age. We enjoyed our time with her SO much.

Washington DC. LOVE this place. I am ready to go back already.

Well, that's about all I have for now. Hopefully I won't wait 3 weeks to post again:)


Amber said...

I love your vacation pics, looks like you guys had a great time! I am dying for a vacation I could scream :) That is so neat that you saw the dolphins that close!
I am jealous of how many concerts you go too...I love concerts and I haven't been since like 1995 or something :) hehe
Jett has to be one of the cutest kids I have seen, and he just keeps getting cuter :)
Thanks for the sweet comment on my boys, they are so precious!

daeng palopo said...

happy famaly.. you have a good life